Simplified & Flexible Cloud Native Solution

Implementing any new software solution for your organization can be a complicated and expensive task. Our cloud-native Manufacturing Execution System requires no additional equipment for maintenance or storage and provides a secure, compliant architecture handled by the FactoryFour team.


Handling your IT Implementation

Our dedicated Client Services team handles both customization of FactoryFour and integrations with existing solutions, making it easier for you to focus on productivity:

  • Regular conversations with your stakeholders and our Client Services team to customize FactoryFour to your company’s unique processes and needs.
  • Maximized visibility of your data based on metrics and insights configured to your defined specifications.
  • Connections to any system with a web API set up by FactoryFour through our system of serverless custom code execution, requiring little to no IT support.

Managing your Infrastructure

FactoryFour being a cloud native solution enables you to utilize all of our capabilities with no required infrastructure or additional IT support:

  • No new equipment needs to be purchased or maintained. We handle all of the servers and storage on our end.
  • Access FactoryFour from a web browser or via mobile apps giving your company the flexibility to improve your software ecosystem.
  • Handle all data security concerns, and make it easy for clients to comply with various regulations like HIPAA, ITAR/EAR, and FDA part 11 with our cloud native architecture.

Easy Integration

Building FactoryFour on web technologies, provides your company with security you need with compliant data storage hosted on AWS GovCloud:

  • Being a cloud native versus on premise MES makes it easy to integrate with your existing software solutions to consolidate the flow of data.
  • Our solution removes redundant data entry for your team and ensure everything is kept in sync for each user, organization, and device.
  • An MES that is focused on your specific needs through customization and integrations set up by our team, executed by your team.

Common Cloud Native Concerns

  • What if we have poor internet connectivity?

    FactoryFour can be accessed through not only standard WiFi and ethernet connections, but additionally through basic 3G data access. For clients located in areas of poor internet connectivity deployment can be successfully achieved through internet failover solutions offered by your network provider or through 3G/4G wireless-enabled hardware devices.

  • What if there is a cloud outage?

    A highly redundant set of servers are used throughout FactoryFour’s web application infrastructure to ensure that major cloud provider outages will have little to no effect to our clients. This allows us to provider a greater than 99% uptime for all of our clients.

  • Who owns our data and how is it protected?

    All data created in and stored within the FactoryFour system is owned by the client themselves and stored following best practices for AWS Cloud usage. All data transmitted to FactoryFour is encrypted at rest using 256-bit encryption and encrypted in transit using SSL. For more details you can refer to our Infrastructure & Disaster Recovery whitepaper .

  • What hardware is needed for deployment?

    Internet-enabled computers, tablets, and mobile devices are the most common pieces of deployment hardware used by FactoryFour clients. For more details on recommended hardware solutions you can reach out to our team .

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