The Productivity Platform for Modern Manufacturers

FactoryFour gives you control over customizable manufacturing workflows, so you can finally manage production the way you want to.

Manufacturing is tough.

Every manufacturer is unique. Manufacturing software doesn't meet your needs because it's not customizable to your unique processes and not flexible enough to communicate with other mission-critical systems.

Managing it shouldn't be.

FactoryFour is for manufacturers who believe that the tools they use to manage production should adapt to their processes, not the other way around.

Simple customization at no extra cost means you can modify processes in seconds without hiring an expensive consultant to do it for you. Are you ready for software that moves as fast as you do?

Make smarter decisions.
Anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Meet FactoryFour's cloud-based manufacturing software.
Faster deployment with no additional hardware or licenses required.


Automate workflows to eliminate mistakes.

Customize production workflows, then watch FactoryFour tell the relevant people, software, and machines what to do next based on your product.


Get the full story from quote to ship.

FactoryFour is the single source of truth for every order you produce. See how each production process influences P&L from each order to each quarter, so you can double down on what’s working and fix what’s not.


Satisfy your customers with a seamless order experience.

Customers and internal reps are greeted to a unique order experience tailored to your products and processes. Add your own text, images, instant quote calculators, and more.

If you are constantly fire-fighting, you have the impression that you are surrounded by many, many problems.” ‘However, careful analysis will point to a few core problems that will solve all the fires.’
Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt
Inventor of Theory of Constraints

Make administrative chores disappear.

FactoryFour reduces non-value-adding time by automating the endless stream of tasks that get in your way.


Flexible integrations connect your whole business.

Seamless connectivity with applications such as Epicor, Quickbooks, and more help connect your production floor to every aspect of your business.


More manufacturing, less managing.
Let us prove it to you.