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G2 Crowd Recognizes FactoryFour as a High Performer in the 2019 Fall Grid® Report

FactoryFour has been identified as one of the best Quality Management (QMS) software systems based on its high ratings of customer satisfaction according to the G2 Crowd Fall 2019 Grid® Report, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

Among being recognized as a High Performer in the Quality Management (QMS) category, FactoryFour also ranks highest in Customer Satisfaction in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) category.

FactoryFour’s cloud-based manufacturing execution system allows manufacturers to configure their unique process flows, capture real-time labor and quality data, and analyze the results to optimize operations and understand the root cause of events on the production floor. Businesses with complex traceability requirements use FactoryFour to ensure they are capturing the granular quality data required for their operations to stay compliant.

G2 Crowd is a platform used by more than 3 million people who leave real-time reviews to help businesses objectively assess what software products and professional services are best for their business. Over 843,500 independent user reviews have been published on G2 Crowd. Each quarter, G2 Crowd publishes its Grid Report, which ranks software in a particular sector with a proprietary algorithm that takes data from multiple sources and determines market presence, customer satisfaction, and market leadership.

Customers who left reviews on G2 Crowd said:

“FactoryFour is a modern software that is built from the ground up to be intuitive to use and for humans to interact with. For work-in-process (WIP) tracking, it's the best thing you can get on the market right now.”
“It is evident that Factory Four spent a lot of time perfecting the user experience and it shows with how easy it is to setup and use. The ability to create a workflow, streamline communication with clients and optimize efficiency in one package is a game changer for manufacturers of all sizes and locations.”
“FactoryFour fills a major gap that all manufacturing businesses have: understanding the production floor in real-time. They also give you the one insight that no manufacturer truly knows: the labor cost associated with making a product.”

Interested in learning how FactoryFour can help your business? Contact the FactoryFour team here and schedule a demo today, or visit us at www.factoryfour.com.

About FactoryFour

FactoryFour is a next-generation manufacturing execution system that focuses on customizability, ease of use, and speed to deployment. FactoryFour applications gather truthful, real-time data so manufacturers can minimize lead time and make strong, data-driven decisions for their business. With experience working in several manufacturing verticals from automotive to medical, FactoryFour has successfully integrated with several ERP and MRP products to provide meaningful solutions to customers.