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ComfortFit Labs

Learn how this orthotic manufacturer used FactoryFour to reduce turnaround time on orders by 50%.

ComfortFit Labs is a New Jersey-based company that designs and manufactures custom orthotics. Their manufacturing process involves more than 50 production personnel that produce more than 80,000 products per year. Each orthotic is individually made for each customer and combines several different types of materials and techniques.


Business Challenge

Processing orders for orthotics is a tedious workflow, involving significant manual labor and long turnaround times. Traditionally, customers will send plaster casts of their patients’ limbs as well as paper order forms to ComfortFit. Order data is recorded manually, and when a work order is issued to the floor, technicians must manually measure the cast and find the right mold out of hundreds to manufacture from. This results in an average 7–20 day turnaround on an order and a process that is prone to human error due to manual data entry.

Our Solution

WithForms in FactoryFour, ComfortFit reduced turnaround time on their orders by 50%: from 7–20 days to only 3–10.

Using Intake, ComfortFit developed a completely digital workflow through which their customers are able to submit their scans and order forms instantly to produce a custom product.

Customers log into ComfortFit’s Intake portal, fill out a digital order form specific to ComfortFit’s product, and take a scan via an iPad-mounted 3D scanner. The order form is automatically validated for errors prior to submission, reducing the risk of human error.

Once submitted, the order appears instantly in ComfortFit’s manufacturing queue. Using FactoryFour’s 3D file analysis engine, measurements are automatically captured from the scan and technicians are presented with a “best-fit” code that identifies which mold to produce from. As the device moves through production, the customer receives automatic notifications to ensure full visibility into the status of their order.

“Speed in, speed of manufacturing, and speed back to the customer is highly valued. With the digital workflow we've built with FactoryFour, we're able to cut turnaround time by 50%, reduce human error, and give our customers a cleaner, quicker, and more organized ordering experience.
Mike Mohring | COO

Streamlined and error-proof digital ordering.

ComfortFit created custom digital order forms using FactoryFour. Via a web-based or iOS-based portal, customers can now log in to their own account, easily choose different product selections, and submit digital orders along with media uploads. Each form is configured with custom error validation, significantly reducing human error in order processing.


Enhanced customer experience with status visibility.

With the portal built by FactoryFour, ComfortFit provides customers with full visibility into the status of their orders. Customers can now see order progress in real time and receive notifications automatically in-app or via email. Live updates give customers crucial information on their orders, such as their shipment tracking number and instant error notifications.


Media uploading and 3D file processing.

ComfortFit’s portal allows customers to upload any media file type and link it to an order. Instead of using traditional plaster casts, customers can upload and send 3D scans directly to ComfortFit. Once a scan is received, FactoryFour’s 3D file analysis engine automatically measures the scan’s dimensions and provides technicians with the right mold to manufacture from.


In the Future

ComfortFit Labs is expanding their digital ordering process to customers all across the country. They plan to increase their offerings and integrate more advanced technologies into their portal to further streamline order processing and production.

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